After ‘No Handshake’, Virat Kohli Unfollows Sourav Ganguly On Instagram

The twist in the story related to Virat Kohli and Sourav Ganguly is not taking its name. After the recent IPL 2023 match between Delhi Capitals, where former Indian captain Ganguly is working as the ‘Director of Cricket’, and Virat Kohli’s Royal Challengers Bangalore, several visuals went viral, leading to social media outrage. Users hinted that the pair might be avoiding each other. However, there has been no official response from either side on the ongoing speculation since these pictures surfaced. In a video, players and staff of both the teams stand in line to shake hands after the match, Ganguly can be seen jumping the queue as DC coach Ricky Ponting talks to Virat Kohli.

Many Twitter users thought that the two were deliberately avoiding each other.

Then, two other videos surfaced doing the rounds on the internet saying Kohli was staring at Ganguly’s instructions.

Ganguly and Kohli have a history of sorts. Kohli lost his position as the captain of the Indian cricket team when Ganguly was the BCCI president. It is being told that this might have been the reason for the estrangement between the two. However, there has never been any official response from the cricketers regarding this.

Now it has come to light that the two no longer follow each other on Instagram. After the news of Kohli unfollowing Ganguly on Instagram after the IPL match, now it can be seen that Ganguly is also not following Kohli.

Sourav Ganguly has more than 3 million followers on Instagram and 106 people follow him. Kohli is not among them. Kohli, on the other hand, has over 246 million followers on Instagram and is followed by 276 people. Ganguly is not among them.