BCCI Waives Off Rs 78.90 Crore From 2018-2023 Media Rights Deal With Star


The BCCI has decided to “drop out” a match worth Rs 78.90 crore from its Media Rights Agreement (MRA) with Star India. The MRA for the 2018-2023 cycle that ended on March 31 had an “indicative schedule” of 102 games at a cost of Rs 6138.1 crore, but the BCCI organized 103 matches over a five-year cycle. “Under the BCCI-Star Media Rights Agreement dated 5th April 2018, BCCI has resolved to waive (one) match from the purview of Star India Pvt Ltd for International and Domestic matches. The total number of matches during the rights period is now has been reduced from 103 to 102,” read the BCCI note.

However, sources close to Star India say that as per the MRA signed in 2018, the board was expected to organize 102 matches, so the scenario of waiving off a match fee should not arise.

“MRA had 102 matches and Star will pay for those matches. I don’t see any problem here,” a source told PTI on Monday.

Star had bid different amounts per game for different years in the previous cycle: Rs 46 crore per game for 2018-19, Rs 47 crore per game for 2019-20, Rs 47 crore per game for 2020-21 46 crores, Rs 77 crores per game for 2021-2022 and Rs 78.90 crores per game for 2022-23.

As per sources, Star had sought a waiver of Rs 139 crore in 2020 due to the rescheduling of some games following the COVID-19 outbreak.

Considering that the media rights for 2023-2027 are up for grabs and Star will be expected to bid along with Viacom19 and Sony, the BCCI has decided to waive off Rs 78.90 crore from the value of the previous media rights.

After making a windfall of Rs 48,390 crore from IPL media rights, the board will have high hopes for the rights for the domestic season.