Comedy Of Errors As Batters Complete 3 Runs Due To Fielders’ Mess. Laughter Guaranteed – Watch

Along with skill, presence of mind is extremely important in cricket. Even with the best players, sometimes teams often lose because of a lack of application and cohesion among players. This applies to all levels of cricket from top level to junior level. In a video, which has been shared widely on social media recently, it can be seen how teamwork is important in cricket. In what appears to be a local cricket match in India, being played on a tangled pitch, the lack of fielding and lack of co-ordination between the members of the fielding team is evident as the rival batsmen complete three runs. After an overthrow, the fielders lose focus and see the batsmen run away for three runs. The fourth run could also have been scored, but in the end a batsman was run out.

Watch: Comedy of errors, batsmen complete 3 runs due to fielders’ blunder

Meanwhile, according to a PTI report, owners of top IPL franchises are trying to persuade six key England players to give up international cricket and take up lucrative annual contracts of up to 5 million pounds to play in the T20 league phase. Are. year, the ‘Times London’ reported. Almost all the 10 IPL franchises have branched out in different leagues including CPL (West Indies), SA T20 (South Africa), Global T20 League (UAE) and the upcoming Major League T20 in the US. However, the report did not specify which franchises have approached and who are the players involved in the discussions.

There will also be an ambitious Saudi T20 league where some of the IPL franchises may invest.

The Times’ report quoted: “The initial discussions took place after IPL franchise owners approached at least six English players, including some international stars, and asked if, in principle, they would agree to such a deal.” Will accept that will make an Indian team their team.” rather than the main employer, the ECB or an English county.” “This development follows discussions among players’ unions around the world about the potential implications of 12-month franchise contracts, which are primarily those contracted to their own team and An important step towards the football model of elite players being released for international duty would be counterproductive.

“A source told The Times that a contract offer could come by the end of the year.”